Recent Projects


This giant conker is almost 3 metres high. It was made using layers of oak sleepers. Sited in an avenue of very old Horse chestnuts in Oxhey Park, Watford.


lord byron

2015 was the 200th anniversary of Lord Byron's wedding to Annabella Milbanke, in Seaham. The 3 metre high oak and cedar figures were made as part of the cellebrations. Some of Byron's poetry is carved into the base of the sculpture.


cuthbert's coffin

St Cuthbert's coffin was moved around for centuries before it was brought to Durham. Each time the coffin needed repairs a new layer was biult around the existing one. The coffin consists of seven very fragmented layers. My response looks at some of the carved fragments and the textiles found inside it. Oak, height: 2 metres.



Pukka is the latest in a series of large carvings of hand gestures. The rough tool marks, cracks and dowels that pin the Laburnum wood together seem to be at odds with the reassuring signal. Height: 2.5 metres.