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My sculptures are usually large wooden carved structures for both public sites and exhibitions.

I believe it is important that sculptures in public places should be meaningful and engaging to the people who see them everyday, not just admired by the odd few with a special interest in art.

To this end I often begin projects with workshops in a range of materials such as, clay and plaster, junk and papier mache, and wood.

I try to create a relaxed atmosphere where people learn some very simple techniques to help them develop their own ideas and share them with the rest of the group, who in turn respond with new designs. Through this process everyone gains a deeper understanding of how artworks evolve.

Usually a course of workshops leads naturally into the making of a large scale sculpture in wood, with ample opportunities for others to lend a hand with construction, carving, digging foundations, mixing concrete, etc, until the installation is complete.

Many of the projects shown in the following pages have benefited from extensive involvement by local groups of all ages and abilities.

Although much of my work is in public I continue to produce a more studio based body of work. Ideas and lessons learned from experiments and feedback from public projects are developed further into new objects in my workshop. This experience often provides new starting points for future community based work.

Recently in the studio I have been looking closely at the structure of natural forms Such as flowers and insects, and building large scale carved structures based on thses studies. This interest began with a community project to build a sculpture for a wild flower meadow in South Tyneside a few years ago and has continued through studio based experiments into more large scale public work for the Sustrans cycle path in Wingate.

Some of the sculptures, even the bigger ones, use natural energy like wind or solar power to make them turn or pump water.

The timber I use is mainly from wind fallen trees or reclaimed from demolition yards.

Details of my working methods are contained on the C.V. page.

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